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Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant, an office-based business, or any other type of commercial property, you rely on electricity to complete your daily operations. From computers to appliances, electric wiring, outlets, and circuits power all the tools you use to do what you do best. When that electrical system malfunctions, needs adjustments, or becomes outdated, you don’t need to take valuable time out of your workday to take care of it – PD Electric is here with fast, effective, and reliable commercial electrical services in Orange County and all of the surrounding areas. We get your business back on track in no time, so you don’t have to deal with any interruptions or inconveniences.

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PD Electric - Commercial Services
PD Electric - Commercial Services

Call (949) 569-8131 or get in touch with us online today to get a free quote from our Orange County commercial electricians – we’re here to help you support your business through exceptional electrical products and services!

Helping Our Fellow Orange County Businesses Any Way We Can

Running your business on a day-to-day basis involves juggling a lot of complex tasks, and your electrical system supports a lot of them. This means that there are a lot of ways in which a malfunctioning, outdated, or inconveniently wired electrical system can interrupt your routine. No matter what electrical obstacles your business is facing, our professional Orange County electricians have what it takes to resolve it. We are fully trained, licensed, and insured, with years of experience handling all kinds of commercial electrical issues.

Our Commercial Electrical Services Include:
  • New Construction: Make sure your new store, office, or other type of commercial property has all the outlets, lighting, and wiring it needs to succeed on day one. Our new construction services allow you to create custom-built electrical systems from scratch that fit your business’s unique needs.
  • Remodeling and Additions: Whether you need rewiring services, help installing new appliances, or a total electrical makeover, PD Electric has your back. Our electricians can assist with retrofitting, panel updates, and more!
  • Landscape and Outdoor Lighting: If you need to highlight a storefront, landscaping, or walkways, we have the solutions you need. Our outdoor lighting highlights what makes your business unique, creating a welcoming environment.
  • Repairs: Make sure your business is operating at peak efficiency 24/7. When sudden malfunctions interrupt your workday, we’ll be there with fast, effective repairs that get the job done right the first time.
  • Service Upgrades: When you need new equipment or facilities to provide your clients or customers with everything they need, PD Electric can wire and install spas, solar panels, generators, appliances, and more.
  • Intercoms and Surveillance Systems: Know what’s happening at your business, even from far away. We wire and install reliable intercoms, cameras, and other monitoring systems so you can keep things under control and secure.
  • Telephones, Networking Systems, and Computer Wiring: Make sure that your office has all the modern tools it needs to facilitate communication between you, your clients, and your employees. We install phone lines, ethernet cables, and other telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting: If you have any questions about the electrical system that supports your business, we have the answers. Our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable commercial electricians are always happy to help!
  • And more!
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Fast, Effective Solutions to Your Commercial Electrical Issues

We know as well as you do that even a few minutes without essential electricity can make or break your business. Delays are unacceptable for our commercial customers, and they're unacceptable to our commercial electricians. We always respond to your electrical issues fast, with efficient, effective, and long-lasting solutions that get you up and running again in no time. We even double-check all of our work to ensure that you won’t have to call us again any time soon.

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Call our office at (949) 569-8131 or send us a message online for immediate assistance with all of your commercial electrical needs. Our Orange County electricians are always ready to deliver the results you expect!